case study - Website Build

Vision Woodworking

More Than A Name

Vision Woodworking creates beautiful custom displays and full interiors with flare and function for the store fixture industry. Throughout its 30-year history, Vision has been forward-thinking, customer-focused, and environmentally conscious. Using the finest quality materials, highly-trained craftsmen, innovative technology, and green building processes, their products are made with the future of our world in mind.


In 2010, we helped bring Vision into the 21st century by building their first website. Thirteen years later, they approached us about a full redesign. Having been on the forefront of the web world back in the early 2000s, their timing could not have been better. As seasoned marketers of their brand, we knew Vision’s new website design needed to reflect their brand tenets. This insight drove every decision we made for the site, including its modern aesthetic, clean lines, and conversational tone.

Maintaining brand equity was paramount to leadership and, therefore, priority number one for us. Our goal was to create something new while maintaining brand consistency. Through a transparent website process, we were able to deliver exactly what our client was looking for. 

Subtle movement, muted brand colors, and beautiful product photography guide users through an intuitive user experience.