Q & A Micro Peach Campaign

The Micro Peach campaign for Third Street Brewhouse was refreshingly different. We sat down with Michael, creative lead on the project, to talk about how it came to be and what made it so unique.

Q. What was the inspiration behind the concept idea?

A. We wanted to steer clear of realistic photos or even line drawings of fruit because it’s been done. Whether it’s a cider beer or another peach flavored lager, the liquor stores are full of fruit images. Our thought was to personify the peach for a fun, playful take that resembled the infamous emoji. Because drinking great tasting peach-flavored beer should be fun, right? We were also launching this in April, just in time for summer, so that also influenced our decisions. Ultimately, we combined the hand-drawn illustrations with 1970s-inspired type and vibrant colors that translated well to all media.

Q. Tell me how you leveraged social media to get the word out about Micro Peach?

A. We began the campaign hinting at the release, using mysterious messaging and pieces of the visual branding. After a month-long teaser period, we announced the Micro Peach launch through a series of branded posts. Playing off the “Hello, Sweet Cheeks” tagline, we created additional summertime posts, like “Peachy Keen” and “Life’s a Peach.” We also partnered with two micro influencers to share their peachy experiences.

Q. What made this campaign different from past campaigns for this client?

A. The Minnesota Gold family of brands has a recognizable Minnesota shape logo that appears on the packaging of all its products, including Micro Peach. Instead of using that logo alone to promote the launch, we created a strong secondary theme that really gave this campaign legs. It wasn’t the first time we used a mascot of sorts for Third Street, but it was a first for Minnesota Gold. We now believe that our little peach has become a recognizable part of the brand family.

Q. What was the client’s response?

A. They loved it! And as they started to see how it could be used across all channels, they became even more excited. They especially liked the versatility of the campaign elements, and how we could change things up slightly to create different looks and messages. So much so, we printed two sets of sticker pages because they couldn’t decide which they liked better!

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