Moxie Takes Home the Gold at American Advertising Awards

We created and launched our own brand in record time, while simultaneously helping our clients reach their business goals through bold strategy and fearless creative. That’s the Moxie way. 

In February, we celebrated our hard work at the American Advertising Awards. While that might sound gibberish to you, it’s our industry’s biggest night. So yeah, it’s a big deal for us marketers. 

This year, we were lucky enough to bring home seventeen awards. The most our agency group has ever won. To say we were blown away would be an understatement. Winning isn’t everything, but it is something. 

Take a look at our award-winning work.

The first piece of any good brand is a knockout logo. It will become the backbone of your brand, and for many companies, how they are recognized. From McDonalds golden arches to Nike’s signature swoosh, a company’s logo family is the foundation their brand is built upon..

We love building bold brands at Moxie Creative and are proud of all the logos we completed last year, including our own.

Left untouched since its establishment in 2004, leadership felt it was time to modernize The Barrel Mill’s visual identity without losing brand equity. When their team came to us, one of the main complaints was that their brand lacked color. Through our branding process, we were able to give the client something fresh, while remaining familiar.

New brand elements, such as secondary logos to help with product differentiation, a fresh color palette to spice things up, modern typography, patterns, and photography styles give The Barrel Mill’s new brand legs – and a bright future.

When it came to rebranding, we wanted to be bold, progressive, and fun. We were leaving behind a brand that felt stale and outdated. Familiar and expected. Now was our chance to show the world what we had to offer. “Out With the Old, In With the Bold” became our mission statement and continues to carry through in all that we do.

With a custom font and bold color palette, we were able to keep our brand playful; even if nobody else saw the secret sauce, we felt the themes of our brand come through in the final product.

And it didn’t stop there. We kept the creativity flowing and turned our logo into a GIF!

A few weeks ago, we saw the digital world crumble as Meta and LinkedIn both took mental health breaks. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, read more about it here. Instead of getting in a tizzy about it, we looked at it as a friendly reminder that you don’t own your social media accounts. But you know what you do own? Your email list.

Hops are Poppin Email

We regularly communicate with Hops Direct customers through monthly email marketing. As a marketing consultancy and creative house, Moxie Creative combines both elements to create marketing pieces that communicate effectively without compromising design. The Hops Are Poppin’ email did just that.

Each year, Hops Direct has a Father’s Day Sale, known as Hops For Pops. While the sale stays the same, the creative message must be different. This year, we focused on family and added a human element to the design to drive the Farm-Direct, No Middleman mission home.

Graphic Design can mean a lot of things. Really, everything we do from logos to business cards can be put into this category. With an experienced team of graphic designers on our roster, we’re always looking for our next great project.

Third Street Brewhouse Sell Sheets Kit

With its growing selection of year-round favorites and seasonal specialties, Third Street Brewhouse was in need of a new set of product sales sheets to present to potential customers. The copywriters and designers at Moxie Creative went to work, expanding each beer’s package theme and bringing it to life on the page.

Each sheet tells the beer’s brand story through its signature hand-drawn graphics, logos, and packaging. Brand fonts are consistently used throughout.

Out-Of-Home Media can get a bad rap. Billboards can be expensive and it’s hard to measure their performance, but they shouldn’t be overlooked as part of your marketing recipe. Whether you’re looking to purchase a bulletin board, or the popular digital board, you can tell a unique story. Take our Micro Peach campaign for Third Street Brewhouse as an example.

Moxie developed a digital billboard campaign to introduce Micro Peach to the masses. Soon becoming instantly recognizable for its engaging visual style, vibrant colors, and bold, vintage type, the resulting campaign introduced Micro Peach in a fun, exciting new way.

Leveraging the popularity of the peach emoji, we illustrated a Peach character graphic to be used as the focal point of the campaign, bringing it to life with different catchphrases and hand-drawn accents. We paired this with a funky, retro font treatment and a peach-centric color palette that was unique to the long-running Third Street Brewhouse brand while complementing existing elements. The bright yet warm colors and cheeky taglines screamed summer fun and called to those who live the lake life.

At Moxie Creative, we are home to some of the best, award-winning graphic designers and illustrators in Central Minnesota. If you want creative that is truly custom, you’ve come to the right place.

Take a look at some of our most creative illustrations from the past year.

Third Street Brewhouse Micro Peach Stickers

As part of a larger campaign, Moxie created a set of colorful, engaging stickers to pass out to customers visiting the Taproom and at sampling events.

Leveraging the popularity of the peach emoji, we illustrated a Peach character graphic and brought it to life with different catchphrases and hand-drawn accents. We paired this with a funky, retro font treatment and a peach-centric color palette that was unique to the long-running Third Street Brewhouse brand.

The fun illustration style, vibrant colors, and bold, vintage type were an instant hit. Customers loved the variety of peach metaphors used and the variety of sizes that completed the set.

Moxie Coasters + Moxie Christmas Cards

Promotional gifts are a dime a dozen. Who really needs another branded water bottle? Not us! At Moxie Creative, we like to go above and beyond for our clients and create gifts that we will remember for years to come. Que the Moxie (Bloody) Mary Basket. Filled with all things necessary for the Sunday Brunch favorite, our gift basket was truly one-of-a-kind.

One item in our basket was a 4-piece set of custom coasters. Each coaster features a unique, custom illustration done in a cartoon ‘rubber hose’ style with a playful examination of drinking related puns.

To really tie things together, we created a custom holiday card with the playful imagery that completes the symbolism of togetherness. Like tomato juice and vodka, our clients and Moxie go ‘Better Together’ when working towards a common goal.
We can only hope these made a mark (just not on their table) with our client’s and will be featured in their homes for years to come, keeping Moxie top of mind!

If you ask every member on our team what their favorite service we provide is, chances are packaging will come up more than once. It’s a chance to really let our creativity shine while helping our clients standout in the marketplace. Stay tuned for more greatness connected to this client, but for now, enjoy Rye.

Little Round Still Rye Packaging

Little Round Still was seeking a label for their new Rye Whiskey that made the product feel exclusive yet approachable. Using their traditional Nordic bottle, we created a screen-printed lockup with an upscale rustic design and tamper-proof seal in traditional Rye green, achieving their desired high-end feel.

When we started the design process, we wanted to capitalize on Little Round Still’s brand equity while simultaneously creating something fresh and modern.

What’s an event without a star-studded invite? If you’re planning a business or organization event, don;t overlook the invite. It’s the first piece of the pie your guests will receive. Do you want them to like what they see?

Promenade Invite

We invited the community to experience a “Night Under The Stars” type fundraiser for the 20th Annual YMCA Promenade. But instead of using this tired theme, we began branding the event with a cool Celestial Dreams title, an ethereal logo, and a dreamy color palette.

The moon die-cut on the invitation instantly communicates the theme, setting the stage for the galaxy gradient and gold foil stars that are predominantly featured throughout. Readability of the detailed content was paramount while keeping the integrity of the brand elements intact.

The tight color palette, signature gradient, gold metallic accents, and celestial graphics were our muse for the event decor, attire, and integrated marketing campaign.

While not something we get to put our hat in the ring for often, creating brand experiences is a passion of ours. Especially for our Moxie Mama, Kelly. Many people don’t think of an event as marketing, but it is. The St. Cloud Area YMCA Promenade Event is a perfect example of that.

Promenade Event

With the invites out, our next step was to put on a fundraiser beyond the expected. For our celestial celebration we let the brand elements jump off the page and become event decor, signage, and fashion cues.

While the colors communicated a dark mood, the use of lighting made everything pop. Twinkle lights, lanterns, and candles were sprinkled throughout. Finally, a life-size moon photo booth made guests feel like they were immersed in the theme.

Fun Fact: You have ten seconds to capture your audience’s attention at a tradeshow or event. TEN SECONDS, people. This means your setup or incentive better standout. If you’re attending a tradeshow, conference, or any type of work related event, it’s important to have your brand image on point.

Moxie Tent

Sometimes the design process takes time. This was the case for this Moxie branded tent. Going in, our main goal was to design something with a wow factor, but it couldn’t look like a circus top.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Research shows that it takes 50 milliseconds for visitors to form an opinion on your website. That’s .05 seconds. Statistics also reveal that website design and navigation influence 94 percent of these first impressions.

This is why a star-studded, user-friendly, search engine optimized (SEO) website is a must for any successful business.

Moxie Creative Website

You can’t launch a new brand without a new website. A big thing for Moxie Creative is that we’re the new, not new agency, which can be hard to communicate. Our site set out to do just that. We combined great design with functionality and content to tell our story. Not to mention, this website was completed in record time.

Is your brand living up to your story?

While winning awards isn’t our end goal when it comes to our work, it is a cherry on top to a spectacular first year as Moxie Creative. Thank you to our clients, past, present, and future for partnering with us. This post is proof that together, we can take marketing to the next level.

From strategy to execution, our team at Moxie Creative provides integrated brandingcreative, and digital services that give our clients the edge in their industry. We are your marketing partner working to give you the courage to think big and the confidence to shine bright.

Whether you’re looking to elevate your brand, redesign your website, launch a business, or generate leads, we’re all in.

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