Case Study - Packaging

Little Round Still

Little Round Still Rye Whiskey gets a high-end look.

Little Round Still is a family-owned distillery making a name for itself in Northern Minnesota. When they became the new handlers of unique Andean Oak barrels, they set out to make a Rye Whiskey that was exclusive yet approachable. Along the way, they reached out to Moxie Creative to design a label that would bring their product to market in a unique way.
Using their traditional Nordic bottle, we created a screen-printed lockup with an upscale rustic design and tamper-proof seal in traditional Rye green, ultimately achieving their desired high-end feel.
With a well-established brand, we wanted to capitalize on Little Round Still’s brand equity while simultaneously simplifying the look for something more fresh and modern. This clean look allowed us to focus on the unique characteristics like the ‘Loonix’ – part loon, part phoenix – that can be used on future projects. To elevate the bird, we made it the focal point of the bottle and used its wings to create a pleasing curve with the typography.
Focusing on a one-color logo helped us achieve an upscale look that could come to life through screen printing. Through extensive research, we determined the natural label stood out the best amongst other Rye Whiskeys in the market.
During the process, our client asked that we reserve a few sections of the label for written information, including batch and bottle numbers. The hand-written approach added to the exclusiveness of the product.
After exploring multiple concepts, we came to the conclusion that the selected lockup was perfect for the new Little Round Still Rye Whiskey Label.