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Case Study - Profile Video

Pillbox Bat Co.

For the Love of the Game

Pillbox Bat Co. is a boutique manufacturer of handmade and hand painted baseball bats, pennants, and art prints based in Winona, Minnesota. Legend has it that founders and childhood friends, Dan Watson and Zak Fellman, began making bats in Little League at age 12.


Getting licensed by Major League Baseball is a huge feat, and Pillbox came to us looking for a way to garner attention by telling their unique story. We were honored to be their storyteller, and create a short company profile video to be used in their communication with the MLB as well as on their website and social channels.

Our goal was to authentically capture the passion and the hand craftsmanship that goes into every bat while emphasizing the childhood friendship and love of baseball the founders share. Working with a trusted vidopgrapher, we were able to develop content that told the story of Pillbox from the beginning to its current state.

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Nostalgia is a recurring theme communicated throughout the video. Photos of baseball legends, the grittiness and colors of the company’s vintage headquarters, and the owners recalling childhood memories bring us back to a simpler time.